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Burgers, Brats & Beer!

Burgers, Brats and Beer are more than a grilling staple!  They are a grilling tradition!  Especially for the guys and especially for tailgates! 

GrillGrates takes grilling hamburgers and brats to another level and a make a mighty tasty meal for your buddies.

Hamburgers won’t flare up- so fill the grill! 
LIFT and TWIST (after 3-4 minutes) before your FLIP (another 3-4 mintues) to get that perfect steak house cross hatch sear
FLIP to expose beautiful searing- make sure your buddies are watching
Grill to finished perfection and serve

GrillGrate Tip:  Let the burgers stand under foil for 2 minutes while you toast the buns- Lift and Twist in 1 minute, Remove in 2 minutes

Grilling brats, sausages and hotdogs can be a challenge when they burst with flavor they also can burn up in an instant.
No one wants to eat a blackened shriveled up wiener!  GrillGrates provides added protection allowing you to grill with confidence without standing guard!

Lay brats, dogs, sausages at a slight angle to the rails for spectacular grill striping
Turn / roll the dogs every 5 minutes
Let them burst as the juices in the meat need to be set free and sizzle instead of flaring up.
Don’t forget to toast your buns!

Grilling Grate Tip: Score your sausage (rotate it while cutting slightly through the casing) Soak in beer(darker is better) for an hour or more.  OR ziploc your sausages in beer for the trip to the tailgate.  Halfway through grilling your beer brats pour the beer slowly over the brats and onto the GrillGrates.  Make sure your buddies see you giving their feast a beer bath!  It sounds and smells heavenly!




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