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Ribeye Steaks- Seared, Not Charred

Grilling Ribeye Steaks is top-shelf grilling, and certainly one of the juiciest steak cuts. Flare-ups from fattier meats can engulf a beautiful steak in second but not with GrillGrates which protect against flare-ups, and keep the juices sizzling with the steak and not feeding the fire.  Fats drain out the bottom of the GrillGrates and burn up on the backside of the GrillGrate not on the outside of your food.  Put away your water bottle and grill wonderful steaks with confidence with GrillGrates.  We like the 3/4 inch- to 1 inch thick cuts and only trim excessive / non-connective fat off the perimeter.


Lightly oil steaks with Olive Oil
Season with salt and crushed pepper and/or your favorite dry steak rub.  UPDATE- we are now ‘dry brining’ with LOTS of rock salt while letting the meat come to room temperature.  Dry the meat before grilling.

Grilling:  LID DOWN

Pre-heat grill to MEDIUM/HIGH -GrillGrate target temperature is 450-650F at the grill. 400F-550F on a hood thermometer.  Beyond that you will get charred sear marks.

Brush the GrillGrates during warm-up.

For MEDIUM RARE Grill 8-10 minutes total. 

Flip once at the 4-5 minute mark OR turn the steaks the first time 2-3 minutes into grilling. Forget the debate over turning steaks only once.  I can’t resist the temptation to quarter turn for that mouth-watering steakhouse seared cross hatch presentation...and it gives me an opportunity to see how the steaks are progressing every 2-3 minutes too!  One the third turn, test for meat firmness using your finger to determine final minute or two of grilling or better yet, use a digital meat thermometer. Remove and Rest after meat center reaches 120F.

I’ve committed to stop winging it (blog post on grilling grate steaks- lessons learned) and I try to use a thermometer every time.  I even posted temperature chart magnet on our fridge.  I also use the LIFT and TWIST method now turning the meat only once for that presentation side up off the grill onto the plate. Here’s a video we put together demonstrating how to grill an amazing steak with GrillGrates. 




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