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Strip Heaven!  Extra Thick Strip Steaks

This recipe is courtesy of Larry B from IL. 


Choice boneless black Angus strip. It was on sale for $8.99 a pound at Sunset foods in Highland Park, IL.
I just asked the meat department to cut a steak 1.5 pounds and this is the result.
Denny Mike’s Cowbell Hell


Bring to room temperature and liberally apply Cowbell Hell to bring a bang to the bite!


6 minutes on side 1 turning 90 degrees after 3 minutes.
Since the steak was so thick, I hit the edges for about a minute each, maybe a little more on the fat side.
Finished up on side 2 till my Maverick ET-73 registered 130 degrees. 
Off the grill and wrapped in foil for another couple of minutes to seal in the juices.

This was one of our best strip steaks ever. Size does matter. LOL

I love getting recipes and pictures like this in my inbox.  WINNER! Thanks for sharing this grate moment in grilling Larry! 

You’ll be hearing from me!  Thanks again, Brad

Meathead of calls this bumper to bumper rare!  Beautiful pairing with roasted potatoes, and steamed edamame

Check out these tips on buying and grilling steaks from our friend and champion steak griller, Brett Gallaway




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