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Stuffed Blue Cheese Hamburger

This burger is a meal.  Don’t even think about a bun. You might even want to skip the ketchup too. These burgers are close to 1/2 pound of ground beef with a healthy dollop of blue cheese in the center.  Two patties are formed around a nice slab (flattened) of blue cheese.  Make sure to connect and knead the two patties together well at the edges.  Take time to hand-pattyi all the way around to ensure no holes or halves not blended into one hamburger. 


Ground Beef 1/2 pound per person
Blue Cheese
Greek Seasoning

Make two smallish patties per burger
Flatten each patty by pushing down with your palm
Take large chunk of blue cheese and flatten it with your palm
Place the flattened cheese on top of one of the patties
Place second patty on top
Knead around the edge pinching the two patties into one
Hand patty the edge to assure no holes and a two patties are well blended into one
Sprinkle Greek seasoning on top and allow to sit at room temperature for 15 minutes

Grilling Stuffed Blue Cheese Hamburger:

Preheat GrillGrates to MED/HIGH 500F- 600F Fairly hot
Place Hamburgers on GrillGrates and close lid
In THREE-FOUR Minutes LIFT and TWIST (not flip) the hamburger with The GrateTool
After 3-4 more minutes TURN with The GrateTool
Grill to finish 6-8 more minutes
I like to sprinkle the left over blue cheese on the top a few minutes before finishing
Total grill time 10-15 minutes on hot grill. 
DO NOT press down on the stuffed blue cheese burger!

If you don’t have a leaking burger at the end of the grilling you pattied well!




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