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Grilled Japanese Striper/Swordfish

Mike Jediny of Garwood, NJ posted this recipe on, reprinted with permission of “Chef Mike"- maybe his day job, but he’s one hell of a fisherman. A true New Jersey Striper fanatic.  In Mike’s words: “Frying fish is cool, this way is just as simple; but the taste is much different. It’s in the details, so pay close attention. I can only hope some of you try this; because it may change you or the way you have done things in the past. Have an open mind, and let things flow.
This is a recipe which called for swordfish, although striper fits the bill perfectly. It’s called Grilled Japanese Striper, so lets begin.

First, start off with getting the striper fillet ready. Cut out the rib bones completely, nobody likes eating fish with bones; and having little kids leaves no room for error. Also cut the fillet into individual pieces, this makes everything easy down the line.

Once you do this to several of your fillets, you can package things up for freezer storage or present day use. Here are two stripers cut up ready for packaging. Add to freezer zip lock storage bags and add some water to prevent freezer burn, and take out all the air bubbles. Once frozen this will last for well over a year. I have been doing it this way since the early 80’s, never had one turn up bad. No need to add kosher salt like some may have heard.”

Ingredient List for Marinade:

1/2c lite soy sauce
1/2c water
2T rice wine (or sherry)
1t ground ginger
1/4c dried scallions (1/2c fresh if you have it)
2T chopped garlic (more if you like it)
2t sesame oil
2t cider vinegar
2T sugar

Mix marinade and place in fish, cover and put in fridge for five hours (overnight is best).

Now comes time for the grill. I use a system using four grill grates on my Weber grill These raised rails make all the difference in the world cooking fish, meat, whatever. The TOOL makes life easy flipping delicate foods like fish.

Grill at medium which gives you plenty of heat to sear, but not too much to dry out the filets.
Grill 4-5 minutes a side

Thanks Chef Mike!  I guess we could always substitute Swordfish!  Lets go fishing, I mean cacthing!  Brad




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