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Grilled Salmon Burger

Salmon Burgers are another fabulous meal made better with GrillGrates. The GrateTool makes handling and turning a snap instead of a stressful moment!  Healthier grilling is our current theme and this is a great addition to the regular grilling line-up.  Trade a hamburger for a salmon burger and maybe even skip the bun?  Submitted by Marol J. from Brunei Darussalam a new Twitter friend.  GrillGrate, Eat Well Marol- please share another grate creation with us!

Feeds 6


Salmon fillets
Lemon zest
beef rash or bacon
Salt and pepper
Bread crumb
Maple syrup


Get the salmon fillets diced then minced it a bit into the food processor( don’t over do it )

The shallots cut into small dice or crushed
The Parsleys leaves also cut small bits
Mix together the shallots and parsley and some lemon zest (we don’t want the actual juice as it will cook the fish)
The beef rash or bacon grilled it or fry it once cool down cut into small pieces
Mix all of them together Salt and pepper to taste
Pour some maple syrup to add sweetness
Lots of bread crumbs to hold them together into patties

Store it in the fridge before grilling ...


Grill at Med/High heat 400-450F
Use GrateTool to lift and twist after 3-4 minutes- testing whether burger is ready to release and leaving it alone if its not.
After twist grill 4-6 minutes to finish.




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