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Grilled Salmon Hot and Fast Like a Sirloin

This recipe calls for grilling salmon like you would a steak. Hot & Fast!  This is Susan’s favorite salmon dish.  She likes it crunchy, blackened on the outside but still moist and flaky inside. 

6” of Salmon Filet per Person. The thinner pieces make outstanding ‘burnt-ends’ just like in bbq.


Salmon Filets
Olive Oil
Denny Mike’s Fintastic (or your favorite seasoning)


Dry off filets with a paper towel
Coat lightly with Olive Oil
Liberally apply seasoning
Allow to rest 20-30 minutes at room temperature


Set your grill to medium / high.  Target is 600F at the GrillGrate. 
Brush GrillGrates during warm-up
Use Pam Grill Spray or Canola Oil on the raised rails if they appear dry
Add a few pellets of BBQR’s Delights - I enjoy Black Walnut for its rich aroma
Place filets over hot GrillGrates and note the time.  Close lid.
Lift and turn filets at 3:00 Minutes using The GrateTool
Lift and TWIST (to cross hatch the sear marks) at 3:00 Minutes again.
Turn at 3:00 minutes and grill to finish.

Total grill time 8-12 minutes depending on the thickness of the fish.

We find that the thinner ends make crispy treats that we share!




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