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Sizzling Marinated Salmon

GrillGrates and salmon are an ideal combination! Explore a variety of marinades and sauces that you can baste right on the grill without fear of creating flare-ups as the sauces hit the flames.  Instead juices sizzle just beneath the salmon adding more flavor and juiciness. 


Salmon Filets
Marinade, We like RIKKI’s Gourmet Soy Ginger Dressing and Marinade Rikki’s Gourmet Dressing and Marinade


Place salmon in a bowl and cover in marinade either just before grilling or place together in a re-sealable bag for a few hours ahead of time

Grilling Instructions:
Pre-heat Grill and GrillGrates to medium 400F at the GrillGrate surface, 300-350F on the hood temperature dial

Wipe down GrillGrates with a paper towel
Wipe vegetable oil on GrillGrates if they are dry
Place filets on GrillGrates (ok to be direct over charcoal- which is nice- just keep the heat undercontrol)
Grill for 8-10 minutes total or to desired firmness
3-4 minutes and turn with The GrateTool- observe the sear marks to make sure you are not cooking too hot ( dry black is char)
Baste topside with marinade- observe the ‘sizzle effect’
Grill 3-4 minutes (you can quarter turn every 2-3 minutes for excellent cross hatch)
Check Salmon to see if moist and flakey

Leftover salmon is even better the second day!image




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