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Grilled Asparagus

There is nothing like asparagus to remind us of Springtime. Keep it simple, and you will get the best rewards from your asparagus and your GrillGrates
Serving: One bunch yields 4-5 portions

Snap the bottom of one stalk of asparagus. It will break just at the tenderest part of the stalk. Use this as a measurement to trim all the other stalks with a sharp knife. OR
Leave the stalks as they are, asparagus can be served as finger food in an appetizer course. 

Brush or mist with olive oil, or leave natural.
Keep an eye on these delicate shoots, they should grill in approximately 5-6 minutes on your GrillGrates.
After grilling, you may drizzle melted butter over asparagus just before serving. (Optional)

Place asparagus on preheated (5-8 minutes) GrillGrates on Low-Low/Med heat. For charcoal grill, wait until peak red hot coals cool to all gray. LID DOWN.  Grill for approximately 3-4 minutes, lid down, then scoop and turn with The GrateTool, grill for another 2 minutes. Keep an eye on these delicate shoots, they should sear and show a few brown marks when done. 

Watch this 1 minute clip to see how easy it is to grill asparagus with GrillGrate.  The GrateTool takes center stage as Susan calls the money shot!




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