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GrillGrates Transform Any Gas Grill!

Say goodbye to charring flareups and hot spots.
Say hello to perfectly seared, juicier food.

Gas grills benefit the most from GrillGrates. GrillGrates deliver more flexibility and control over heat and
save gas too. Foods are protected from drying heat and won't fall through the grill. The hard anodized
surface 'seasons' and delivers outstanding non-stick properties, and you'll never burn a steak again!
  • Blocks engulfing flare-ups and protects from excessive charring
  • Evens out hot and cold spots for more evenly cooked foods
  • Juices sizzle in the valleys for added flavor and moisture
  • Standard / Universal GrillGrates lay on top of any grill or longer lengths can replace existing grates altogether
Standard Size / Universal GrillGrates Lay on Top of Any Grill. All GrillGrates are 5.25 inches wide and
Interlock to Cover as Much Grill Surface as You Choose.
Kit of Two GrillGrates form a
13.75inch x 10.5inch surface.
Kit of Three GrillGrates form a
13.75inch x 15.375 inch surface.
Kit of Four GrillGrates form a
13.75inch x 20 7/16 inch surface.
Longer GrillGrates to Replace Existing Grids or Lay on Top of Large Gas Grills

Five standard lengths available in sets of two to six panels

Five 18.5inch GrillGrates replace the grates on this Charbroil grill.

Six 20" GrillGrates sit on top of this large grill.
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