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Holiday Grilling and Chilling
The keys to stress free holiday grilling are equal parts technology and technique; a digital thermometer and a technique called "The Reverse Sear"

Grill Restaurant Quality, Championship Worthy Steaks
Every Time with GrillGrates

Introducing the Perfect Burger!

  • The Original Raised Rail Design™ delivers Steakhouse searing every time.
  • The GrateTool™ makes flipping burgers an art form not a hope and a scrape. Especially with leaner meats.
  • Prepare for the gratest, juiciest burger you've ever grilled!

Be Done with the Bun!

Grill Grate Boneless skinless chicken, prime rib roast, lamb etc. MEDIUM HEAT for red meats, and LOW HEAT for chicken, pork and roasts.
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