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Pizza Lovers Rejoice!
Introducing the Best and Easiest Grilled Pizza – Ever.

GrillGrates transform any grill into a pizza wood fire oven! The raised rails sear the crust golden brown and crispy, and the GrateTool™ makes turning and serving grilled pizza a snap. Frozen pizza on GrillGrates will surprise you but MamaMary's pre-made, parbaked crusts in 7" and 12" sizes will flat out blow you away! Find them in the deli section of your favorite supermarket and get grilling grate pizza!

Grate Appetizer Pizzas, Grate Pizza Parties and Family Time Pies: Pizza appetizers are a grate way to get the party fired up! Start the party early and prepare to watch the pizza disappear and watch the gathering move to your grill. Make it a GrillGrate Pizza Party and build pizzas with family and friends. Get a couple of personal size pizzas for your friends with tastes for anchovies etc ... everyone will be happy to make their own pizza!

Make Healthy Grate Pizzas – Fast, Fresh and Delicious! Tomatoes quartered and squeezed, spinach, peppers, pesto, garlic, shrimp, cheddar, brie cheese, grilled bacon/sausage/hamburger and onion, whatever else is in the fridge!

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