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The Science Of GrillGrate

Why GrillGrates grill food better....a lot better!

There are five elements to the the Science of GrillGrate

1. Amplifies the Heat of any Grill

GrillGrates act like a lens on top of any heat source. They magnify and focus the grill's heat converting it to infrared heat.
GrillGrates amplifies your grill's heat

2. Flare-Up Protection from the Bottom Plate

The underside of GrillGrates blocks flare-ups from engulfing food preventing charring and drying out.
GrillGrates provide flare-up protection

3. Conducts Heat More Efficiently

GrillGrates are made from hard anodized aluminum, which conducts heat more efficiently than cast iron or stainless steel.
GrillGrates conduct heat more efficiently

4. The Valleys Vaporize Drippings

Juices and drippings fall into the hot valleys where they sizzle and vaporize into flavor and retained moisture. The valleys of GrillGrates are a flavor enhancing system

5. Perfect Sear Marks

GrillGrates conduct and focus heat up the raised rails for steakhouse quality searing. Sear marks can be controlled from golden brown to dark, crispy and flavorful.
GrillGrates create perfect sear marks

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