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Grate Grilling for Fish and Seafood Lovers

Never Wrap Fish in Foil Again!

Grill fish and shellfish like never before. The GrateTool™ makes it possible to grill even the most delicate fish. Ditch the foil for good and grill grate fish and seafood!

Fish filets will not fall apart and burn up with GrillGrates and the GrateTool™

You will love the way your fish sizzles on the GrillGrates!

  • Just brush with Butter and sprinkle with Salt & Pepper
  • Rub with Spices and Oil
  • Marinades and Sauces, OK to apply generously
  • Shellfish is particularly excellent on the GrillGrates
  • You won't be cracking soggy, splashy crab legs!
  • Lobster- not steamed, grilled grate please!
  • LOW HEAT, and pre-oil the grates for best release and searing.

seafood collage
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