GrillGrates Turbocharge Pellet Grills!

The Pellet Grill Crowd reports that GrillGrates can add up to 100F-200F at the cooking surface.

GrillGrates enhance the searing and higher heat capability of pellet grills as they concentrate and radiate heat. The 18.5” length has proven to be ideal for Traeger, MAK, Green Mountain, and Royal Pellet Grills.

  • GrillGrates primarily apply to the grilling side     of pellet grills
  • GrillGrates enable higher heat cooks by     concentrating the heat of the grill and driving     the heat up the cooking rails
  • GrillGrates SEAR, SIZZLE, RADIATE and     PROTECT for juicier, more tender foodsJuices sizzle in the valleys for added flavor,     moisture and tenderness

Yoder Smokers now offer GrillGrates as a standard upgrade on many of their newer models.

Visit to See a Number of Posts From Pellet Grill Owners About Their Experience with GrillGrates. .

Yoder Smokers- the choice of champions. GrillGrates now available on several models. Savannah Smoker modified his Traeger for high heat grilling with GrillGrates. Tricked out Traeger courtesy of Savannah Smoker. His results speak for themselves.
Cut to fit GrillGrates courtesy of Wertz Smoking Asses Cook Team.
Royal Pellet Grill courtesy of Date Night Doins.

Smoked then seared London Broil courtesy of Ken and Patty Fisher of