Restaurants and Caterers
are Discovering GrillGrates

Our Barbecue friends brought GrillGrates into their restaurants and catering operations with grate results.

GrillGrates deliver the same food enhancing results to caterers, restaurants and food service. GrillGrates make Char-grillers, Event Grills and Flat-tops more efficient, responsive and flexible.

  • No flare-ups even with a loaded grill
  • Eliminate hots spots, use the entire grill
  • Greater control at high and low temps
  • Juicier food with killer sear marks
  • Convert flat-tops into a grill
  • Dramatically improves grill efficiency with
        significant fuel savings

  • Event Grill Photo courtesy of D. Striplin of San Antonio, TX

    Event Grills Sing with GrillGrates. Actually You Will Do the Singing!.
    Randy Twyford was one of our first customers to convert his event grill to GrillGrates. Darren Warth of Smokey D's BBQ in Iowa uses GrillGrates on his event grills. No bonfire chicken with GrillGrates.

    Twyford's BBQ & Catering fills their event grill with center cut rib-eyes. We created the 20” GrillGrates for the 17th Street Kitchens in 2009. Mike Mills' crew uses GrillGrates in all 6 restaurants.

    Roasting peppers on an event grill.