Using RealEase®
Coated GrillGrates on Your Grill

Use GrillGrates on top of any grill. Cover all or part of your grill with GrillGrates*.

For Gas Grills:

Pre-heat GrillGrates for 8-10 minutes at MEDIUM HEAT. You can leave your GrillGrates on a gas grill between grilling and simply clean up the GrillGrates during your next pre-heating, or clean-up in the sink. Sponge with plastic scrubby only, no abrasives, no steel wool, no wire brushes and no scouring powder).

For Charcoal Grills:
  • Start charcoal as usual
  • Wait until the COALS are ALL GRAY to Place GrillGrates onto the grill
  • Preheat 8-10 minutes
  • Just wipe down the rails with a paper towel. Remove residues and clean the rails and valleys during warm up.
  • Apply olive oil with a paper towel to season new GrillGrates. Periodically oil the rails when grilling fish or delicate foods.

MEDIUM HEAT (up to 600F) is the max heat recommended for RealEase coated GrillGrates. Most gas grills normally burn 100-150 degrees higher than the air temperature indicated on the lid dial. A dial setting of 450F is likely to be near 600F at the grill surface. There is no need to turn your grill into a furnace to carbonize the remains of your last mail. With the RealEase coating just warm your grill up and wipe down the GrillGrates with a paper towel. Wipe or spray with olive oil as desired.

Just Warm Them UP and Wipe Them Down!

NO Wire Brush

No High Heat Burn Off

*Large gas grills will require 4-5 panels to completely cover the grilling surface. The Weber requires 3 panels to cover 80% of the grilling surface.