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You Know You’re a Yankee

if you have only grilled and never barbecue’d. It finally dawned on me that even though I’ve lived in the South for 15 years, I’ve never slow cooked anything unless I was running out of fuel. I certainly took to eating barbecue when we moved south, but I have never done the low and slow thing. After attending a couple of Barbecue competitions recently I’ve developed a great admiration and appreciation for the low and slow crowd and the wonderful way they practice their art.So when one of the real legends, Mike Mills gave me an assignment to barbecue ribs on my Weber Grill (using GrillGrates of course) I took it to heart. I followed his instructions carefully. It was a great excuse to stay close to home and tend the coals. I also promised Mike, no more charcoal fluid or matchlight either, or pre-baking ribs in the oven… I have to admit that I have new admiration for my Weber Grill too. I (me the Yankee) held my temp in the low 200’s for over 4 hours and we had championship ribs. Mike’s book even divulges the recipe of his Magic Dust and his 5 Bean side. Word got out around my buddies and I’m having a repeat performance tomorrow, now the pressure is on.

Peace, Love, & Barbecue is a fabulous read and I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that this book is the only barbecue book you’ll ever need. Now I have to hide it from my Q buddies, because its their holiday gift if I can keep the secret til then. Thanks Mike and Amy- Peace, Love, & Barbecue!

Here’s how I worked the Weber:

  • 1/2 chimmney of lump charcoal.
  • Holey Smoker Box filled with soaked apple chips served as a dam for the coals.
  • Re-start 1/2 chimmney every 45 minutes and wait to add.
  • I had my infrared temp guage and learned how to shoot through the top vent to get temp at the GrillGrate.
  • I refrained from adding coals too often and sometimes the chimney would need re-fueling before the Weber Kettle did.
  • Rotate the meat away from the hot side.
  • Sprinkle Magic Dust during as the Ribs sweat
  • Limit beer consumption to 1 per hour if possible


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