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There are two sure fire ways to get me to stop working…

Invite me fishing, or tell me it’s time to get grilling– like today. Thanksgiving got off to an early start on my patio this afternoon. We’ve got our Turkey in the brine getting ready for tomorrow’s grilling and right now I am one hour into grilling Mike Mill’s championship ribs for my daughter tonight. Can you tell we’re hooked on this low and slow thing? Ribs are her favorite and she thought our oven baked and only grilled at the end were good! I can’t wait to see what see thinks and it gave me an excuse to leave the office early and get the Weber fired up! To top it off this month’s issue of the BullSheet from the Kansas City Barbecue Society comes in the mail. Glad I called it an afternoon. Time to grab another cold beverage, check the coals, see if the ribs are sweating, etc.


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