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I’m not ready to take on Bobby Flay, but I am ready for QVC!

We are scheduled for this Sunday (MAY 24) at Noon to debut Grill Grates to the QVC audience. I am excited and a little nervous! I may not be ready to take on Bobby Flay, but I very much looking forward to demonstrating all the benefits of why GrillGrates are a new and improved grilling surface. We’ll have three live grills going and for those of you that may not know- QVC is live TV, not taped. After being exposed to QVC, I told my wife I would never question her buying anything from them. They sell high quality products at excellent prices, to a loyal customer base. Wouldn’t you know I’ve seen more than one QVC box showing up at the house lately! If you’ve been waiting to buy GrillGrates, this Sunday will be a good time to make a Grate Purchase!


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