Burgers, Beers and Brats! Life is Good

We grilled at a friend’s farm this weekend. I mountain biked for the first time. It was a hot 95F afternoon with our host leading the way followed by my 19 year old son. The others smartly walked the trails. I was winded in 5 minutes, but managed to bring up the rear without incident or accident. Sitting on the porch next to a cooler of Moosehead beer was all I could muster after that, but grilling duty called.

We brought the burgers but forgot to pack the GrillGrates. This family has been a GrillGrate clan from day one and I knew we would find a few in the cooking shed. We built a wood fire that required a couple of beers before it was ready. Right before it was time to grill, I added a layer of smaller wood on top and we were hot! GrillGrates were a super flame shield and kept the Brats from becoming black sticks, and the burgers from being hockey pucks! The smoke got in our eyes a bit but it kept the bugs away. I nearly burned the hair off my legs, tending to the grill but we prevailed and put out a juicy feast complete with 17th Street Beans. After dinner I fished, Susan and Francoise lounged at the dock, and Don led the rest of the troops to the sauna and then into the lake. What a great way to spend the solstice and Father’s Day weekend! Thanks!