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The Science of Grate Grilling- The Super Weber Kettle

Another key aspect of GrillGrates is the added protection they provide from excessive flame and dry scorching heat. When BBQ Legend Mike Mills first saw GrillGrates sitting on my Weber at a BBQ contest he called it a ‘flame shield’ and asked if I’d ever done ribs on it? I sheepishly had to tell him no. Mike told me that one of the toughest questions people ask him is how to do ribs on a Weber Kettle? It’s darn hard for most people. Hell, I never even tried! He challenged me to go home and barbecue (not grill) ribs his way. Mike also figured out quick that we were from ‘Up North’ and had little barbecue experience. That meeting in Douglas was another milestone as we were introduced to the wonderful world of Barbecue from one of the best. Mike Mills was just inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame at last months National Barbecue Association Conference which was a real treat to attend. I am honored to be friends with Mike and his gang from 17th Street. Mike has taught us a lot about GrillGrates and has been generous in his support and help.

Now we’re introducing custom GrillGrates for the 22″ Weber Kettle and it made me think of Mike.


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