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The Science of Grate Grilling Part 3- Perfect Burgers

If I had to list one food that grills exceptionally well on GrillGrates it would have to be hamburgers. GrillGrates grill perfect burgers! Everyone can be Bobby Flay!

I heard from a Big Green Egg Retailer yesterday who is evaluating GrillGrates. He brought in burgers for lunch the other day and asked his team to grill on the BGE with and without GrillGrates. He didn’t even make it down for lunch before he heard from his team! The GrillGrate burgers were much larger and juicier compared to those not grilled on GrillGrates.

There are several reasons why hamburgers in particular are so much better with GrillGrates:

  1. Flare-up Protection from the bottom plate keeps burgers from charring as they drip especially 80 /20 which can really drip up a bon fire. The added protection of GrillGrates keeps burgers from drying out and shrinking.
  2. The Sizzle Back Effect of juices as they drip to the valleys, they vaporize, steam and sizzle back to the food. Dripping juices create a moist convection of steamy heat below the hamburger which keeps it juicy and moist.
  3. Fats drain away from the burger and drip through the fat draining holes in the bottom of the GrillGrates where they burn up on the bottom of the GrillGrate, not on the outside of the food. There is a health benefit of no charring and no fats burned onto the food as well.
  4. The GrateTool- reaches below the food for a gentle lift not a scape and break! No more broken or stuck burgers on the Grill.

I here about burgers consistently from customers and professionals such as Suzanne Benoit who is the Queen of Burgers hailing from the famous VORTEX Bar and Grill in Atlanta. Suzanne and I recorded this YouTube video last year. We’ve learned a lot since then and need to update it.

Grill the Perfect Burger Every Time with GrillGrates!


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