The Science of Grate Grilling Part 5 FRESH FISH!

I recently had the pleasure of fishing with my college age daughter and we hooked up a pair of mahi mahi.  Better yet I had access to a Big Green Egg with GrillGrates and I grilled the best fresh fish I’ve ever grilled.  In the past I’ve overcooked or somehow managed to mangle a marvelous fresh caught fish.  Not since GrillGrates!

GrillGrates takes grilling fish to another level entirely.  No more fish baskets, aluminum foil,  or fish coming apart and falling through the grill.
The Science of GrillGrates involves all aspects of the GrillGrate design:

  • Raised rails provide a secure platform for even delicate fish like trout and halibut
  • More surface area contact with the fish provides superb searing and helps keep the filet intact
  • The extra protection from the bottom plate keeps fish moist and protected from drying heat
  • Juices and marinades add to moisture and flavor as they vaporize in the valleys of the GrillGrates
  • Lastly The GrateTool makes turning and handling fish filet a snap

I took extra care with our fresh mahi mahi filets.  I even washed the GrillGrates and used brillo on the raised rails to get them perfectly clean.   It was my first experience grilling fresh fish on a Big Green Egg but I had the confidence that I would not mess up this meal! 

  • I set the BGE to 400F knowing that I wanted it to sear a bit and have time to cook thoroughly
  • Lightly oil the raised rails with canola oil or grilling spray- I like Weber’s grill spray
  • Lay the filets over hot GrillGrates and don’t touch for at least 5 minutes- lid down
  • Using The GrateTool go under the filets and gently lift.  If resistance from sticking give it another minute or two.  FISH TIP:  Gently wiggle the tool under the fish to help it release completely intact from the GrillGrates.
  • LIFT and TWIST the filets for another 3-4 minutes
  • LIFT and TURN brings the presentation side to the top and grill to finish
  • Total time 12-15 minutes

Daddy Daughter Fishing and Grilling- it doesn’t get any better than that!