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GRATE Grilling for LABOR DAY!

Labor Day grilling is an American tradition.  When there is a crowd to feed, America fires up their grills!   Labor Day grilling is all about production.  Ideally, you’ll want to grill at a house with at least 3 or more grills in the yard, otherwise round up your neighbor’s grills!  It’s called a cook-out another All-American tradition.  With production in mind, think BIG, big bags of chicken wings for example, a case or two of hamburgers and hot dogs etc.

Here are a couple of grate menu suggestions when you are grilling for a crowd!

  • Burgers, Brats and Beers with a GrillGrate twist, give your brats a beer bath on your GrillGrates.  Gather round to see, smell and hear the sizzling, steaming beer!
  • BBQ Chicken is great for production grilling.  The trick is to grill as low as you can to not burn the skin (or bbq sauce).  Under 400F is ideal and with GrillGrates, bring on the marinades and sauces.  BBQ Chicken qualifies as at least a two beer grill too!
  • WINGS are great for crowds.  Wonderful finger food and easy to grill.  Again grill as low as possible as long as possible.  Sauce them for 10 minutes at the end.
  • PIZZA  Even pre-made store bought pizzas are wonderful on GrillGrates.  Spy a pre-made pizza deal?  GrillGrate them!  You’ll probably never put pizza in the oven again!
  • CORN on the COB  Shucked and naked corn on GrillGrates at med/low for 15-20 minutes. Turn and roll every 5 minutes.  Butter as soon as you remove the corn from the grill, the corn will suck it up!
  • CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY YUMMY  Cap off your Labor Day with this outstanding quesadilla with ricotta cheese, chocolate chips and raspberries.

What are you grilling this Labor Day weekend?



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