Grate Days of Christmas- A lazy Sunday Morning with Meathead!

This Sunday morning I started my day by not immediately diving into emails instead I enjoyed two cups of coffee while readying all Meathead has to say about grilling Prime Rib.  Well, more correctly, a  Choice Rib Roast (as Meathead points out).  We plan on grilling prime rib for the family holiday dinner this Christmas and I want to be prepared!  I realized when I got up for my second cup of coffee that I read every word including the reader comments.  I’m grateful to Meathead this morning for getting my day off to a such a great start.  I’m already salivating for the Christmas feast!

Grateful Moments:  I’m grateful for Meathead on many levels going beyond his support and enthusiasm for GrillGrate:

  1. has become my grilling and bible and my crutch.  Whenever I venture from my comfort zone I go to Meathead’s for guidance, solace and confidence!  I hear that from a lot of our customers too!
  2. Meathead broke me of my winging it when its done approach to grilling and now I feel lost without an instant read thermometer when I’m at the grill. Our grilled food is now near perfect and my family lets me know if I slip below 9.5 out of 10! And as Susan likes to say- “You can’t send it back if its not cooked right!”   Link to Meathead’s Thermometer Buying Guide.
  3. Meathead has helped me better understand the science of grilling including low and slow.   I  never truly barbecued until a few years ago.  I ate plenty of barbecue though!
  4. He’s also helped me understand the scientific aspects of why GrillGrate grills food better.
  5. And now we’ve collaborated to create a wonderful new gift!   Meathead’s Temperature Magnet– see below. 

Thank you Meathead for all you do with  and for the science of great grilling!

A Stocking Stuffer for the Grate Griller! 
Here’s a link to Meathead’s Temperature Magnet on Amazon.  

  •  JUMBO 5.5 x 8″ magnet
  • Meathead’s  Chef Temps displayed 
  • Further detail on doneness, temperatures, color and texture.  
  • A Gem of a stocking stuffer!  

Buy a bunch and save with $5 flat rate shipping.  A portion of the proceeds go to Meathead. 

What are you grilling for the holidays?   
Do you have a signature recipe to share? 
Have a question or suggestion for family holiday grilling?