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Share Your Holiday Grilling Plans & Pics!

Up Load Photos to Holiday Grilling Album
I’m already excited about our holiday grilling plans! We get to spend over a week together as a family and the meal planning has been underway for quite a while. After yesterday’s Costco trip, it looks like the grill will be active every day! No complaints from me!
So far the Big Day Meals are set:
  • Spatch-cock Turkey on Christmas Day
  • Beef Tenderloin on New Years Eve
  • Pork Shoulder one day in between
We also stocked up on salmon, brats, and pizza crusts. Non-stop grilling ahead at our house! We’re also going to smoke a mac ‘n cheese. We’ve never done that on that before on the grill.
We’ve put together a Holiday Grilling Photo Album to share ideas and recipes. You’ll see a couple of classics from, Weber, and
Please feel free to post your favorite recipes and signature holiday grill fare in this album or on our Facebook page.  We hope this interactive photo album can become a reference tool and a place to show off your grate holiday meals.
Remember to click a couple of pics when you are at your grill during the holidays.   We love hearing from you!  And it helps us share great recipes, grilling ideas, and mouthwatering pictures.
Best wishes for a warm, wonderful and delicious holiday.
GrillGrate, Eat Well!
What are your holiday grilling plans?  link to holiday grilling survey

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