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Super Bowl Game Day Grilling

For me game time grilling is out of the question and halftime is too!  Nobody wants to be at the grill unless a TV is nearby.  Pre-game grilling is where it’s at for this big game day. An early evening kickoff makes an afternoon appetizer party a great way to nosh, nibble and ‘pre-game’ as my kids would say, before kick-off.

Grilling appetizers is fun, fast, and an easy way to mix it up with a variety of offerings. Just think of the fun serving grilled cheese sticks, pot-stickers, ravioli, quesadillas, and more to your appreciative guests!

Here are three ideas to make your Super Bowl grilling a fun and easy game day party.

1. Hit the Freezer Section at the Supermarket:

Grill frozen cheese sticks fast and easy on GrillGratesGrilled large ravioli with beautiful searmarks. Dipped in Vodka sauce

Cheese Sticks and Bread Sticks make easy appetizers right from the freezer to the grill.  Medium to low heat- you’ll know when they’re done.

Large Ravioli, fresh (we love Costco for these) or frozen is another easy finger-food appetizer.  Coat lightly in olive oil, grill at 400F.  Add a simple dipping sauce such as marinara or vodka sauce.  Raviolis crisp and puff-up when grilled at medium heat.

Potstickers are easy to grill with GrillGrates.  Frozen or not with little coat of oil to the grill at medium heat.  Postickers usually come with their own sauces another time saver.

2. Grill Cheese Quesadillas and Hit the Refrigerator for Salsas & Toppings:


Quesadillas on the grill and a nice platform to put salsas, sour cream, guacamole etc. 

  • Two flour tortillas with a cheese mix in the center is a 5 minute grill at 400F.
  • Lightly coat with olive oil- a mister is real handy for applying the oil.
  • A couple of turns for nice grill marks and stiffness.
  • Add toppings on or off the grill.

I make a plate of cut slices for people to build their own toppings.  Grill peppers, brats and other goodies for toppings if you are looking for extended grill time.  OR- raid the refrigerator and clean out your sauces, greens and sour cream!


3. Throw a Pizza Party for the Super Bowl!

Use either MamaMary’s par-baked crusts, make your own or buy the pre-made pizzas and grill them at 400F.  Check out dozens of grate pizza recipes on

Grilled pizza with golden brown and crispy crusts using MamaMary's Gourmet Pizza Crusts from the deli section of the supermarket.
  • Pizza Grilling Tip:  At temps above 400F the bottom will burn before the toppings are hot.  The more toppings just lower the heat and the crust will stay golden brown and crispy.

What are you grilling for the Super Bowl? 

Share you pictures and recipes!

GrillGrate, Eat Well!  Game ON!



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