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The Art & Science of GrillGrate

Grilling is a passion of mine and millions of people around the world. I’ll admit to turning way too

cold red center hamburger, well cooked hamburger
Hot spots and cold spots result in under cooked food.

many meals into a photo shoot before we eat, but I never thought I’d be using an infrared video camera and conducting food experiments! We grilled chicken, steaks and mountains of hamburgers with and without GrillGrates. We weighed and measured, took film, cut into food immediately- taking infrared video, and of course we ate the results! We still are eating the results! We have bags of cut hamburger quarters still in the freezer.


GrillGrates on Weber Kettle, Infrared GrillGrates on Weber Kettle
Briquettes + GrillGrates = Infrared Squared!
All this studious grilling led us to finally articulate what our taste buds told us long ago! There is science to why GrillGrates grill so much better.  We’ve had a lot of input and 5 years to put forth the 5 elements to the science of GrillGrate.

infrared images of grilling, flare-ups through infrared cameraInsights into Infrared Grilling:

Infrared grilling was not in our vocabulary or marketing when we started GrillGrates in 2007. We just knew GrillGrate cooked better, kept flareups under control and put out beautiful, juicy food.  Infrared radiant heat is different from conventional heat.  The 2 minute video below reviews the 5 elements to the Science of GrillGrate. 

Science of GrillGrate Infrared heat is the heat you can’t see. IR rays travel through air / space and warm an object. Radiant heat from the sun warming us on a sunny day is infrared heat.
  • On hot grills, GrillGrates act as an infrared emitter- they capture the heat of any grill and radiate it up to the food.
  • Infrared heat warms from the inside out as well as the outside in, while traditional heat (hot air or fire) cooks from the outside in.
  • GrillGrates amplify and focus IR heat just as a magnifying glass can focus the rays of the sun. 

This is the long-form answer that took 5 years with a lot of help from our friends!

GrillGrate, Eat Well!

 Further thank you’s:

  • It took Francoise our talented designer only a few hours to create this beautiful web page. 
  •  Thanks to Ian, intern Boy Friday for his great photography and video work- particularly on the video below. 
  • And finally thank you to Sam the wild man who tamed the FLIR Infrared Video camera and ate quite well!


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