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Grate Spring Cleaning!

Five Grates (1 of 2)After a long hard winter, it was time to clean my GrillGrates and tune up my grills. The GrillGrates have not been off my grills since last spring- so it was time for their once a year deep cleaning.

Here are the steps to deep clean and “re-set” your GrillGrates:
  1. Remove GrillGrates to a driveway or area suitable for hose and water.
  2. Use the GrateTool on each panel starting at the hinge and scrape the build-up off as much as possible.
  3. Soak in a large (long) plastic container. I used Simple Green this year based on positive feedback from customers. 10:1 dilution. Soak for minimum of 3 hours, even overnight.
  4. Remove from soaking and use a scrubby on the raised rails and in the valleys. The rails should be smooth and slick after using the scrubby.Shoveling Grates-1
  5. You can also use brillo on the raised rails if they are not smooth and slick after using the scrubby.
  6. Hose off to rinse any remaining residue away.
  7. Back to the grills for a long summer ahead of grate grilling!
Other Deep Cleaning Methods:
  1. Power washing also works well.
  2. Face-down burn-off, just don’t go to your neighbors for a beer! This will dry out the cooking rails requiring re-seasoning.
  3. Self cleaning oven works well but only if you have good exhaust. Do not use your oven to burn off without good exhaust- the smell is not something you want in the Simple Green (1 of 1)house. This will also require re-seasoning.
Do NOT Use:
  1. Aluminum foil over hot GrillGrates as it can cause temperatures to spike to over 1000F and cause warping or even melting.
  2. Oven cleaner or other caustic degreasers as they will pit and tarnish GrillGrates over time.


Got any tips to share how your care and clean your GrillGrates?
Pressure Washing Grates (1 of 3)


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