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The Grate Debate… Go on Top or Replace with GrillGrates

This is the question that gas grillers have to decide and this blog post is designed to help that decision.

When we introduced GrillGrate eight years ago, it was one size and one application, to sit on top of the existing surface of any grill, like re-surfacing a road by going on top of the old one. We began offering longer lengths and different shapes to cover more and more grill surface and more types of grills. Last year we began a custom cutting service due to strong demand for precise lengths. WHY? To replace the old, rusty, nasty grill surface, not sit on top of it.
My grill is two years old and my grates are shot. We hear this every day.


We’ve always believed that over time GrillGrate would become a standard grill surface, not just an accessory. Today many of our customers are covering most or all of their surface either on top or replacing the existing grates. We are now in the business of full grill replacements as well as an “on top” solution.

weber e210GrillGrates cook food identically whether they sit on top of existing cooking grids or not.
The difference is how the grill performs and it can be a big difference, especially if the old grates are cast iron. Cast iron is a heat sink. It takes a long time to get hot and a long time to cool down.  The opposite is true with aluminum. Stainless steel does not slow down GrillGrates heating up as much as cast iron.
Replacing your grates with GrillGrates will turbo-charge the effectiveness of your grill:
  • Very responsive- faster to heat up and cool down, and adjust grill temperatures.
  • More efficient– GrillGrates trap and hold more of a heat, gas consumption will be less. That saves you money each time you grill.
Precautions with GrillGrates in complete grill replacements:
  • Your grill will run significantly hotter, you may never use high heat setting again.Charbroil Commercial- 3k 18s and Griddle
  • Clean out the grease tray and any grease in older grills before installing replacement GrillGrates.
  • Ideally, leave a gap on the left and right to allow heat to escape into the hood. The gap helps

    keep heat from building up inside the  The GAP is your friend and can be used to separate your grill into zones for searing and roasting as shown.

the grate gap
Need help deciding the best GrillGrate solution for your grill?


 Now there are two ways to re-surface your grill with GrillGrates.  On top or a full grill replacement.


  1. armando

    are these stainless or aluminum?

    • Emily Astin

      Armando, they are Hard-Anodized Aluminum! 🙂


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