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Grilling The Perfect Steak is a Fast Growing Competitive Sport


SCA Grabpic

Cooking the perfect steak is the holy grail for most grillers worth their salt.
Now it can pay big money too! Over the past 5 years steak cook-offs have exploded onto the competitive barbecue scene. The Steak Cookoff Association was formed recently to help sanction and grow the competitive sport of grilling steaks. Brett Gallaway and Ken Phillips, the two fellows who created SCA were one of the winningest teams in steak cook-offs. Brett and Ken won the World Championship in 2011 and over a dozen first place finishes over the past few years. Brett was also featured in a Walmart brettwithtoolcommercial grilling steaks at Southfork Ranch! Now they’re sanctioning events and helping create contests nationwide and in Europe. The first international SCA event was recently held in the Netherlands in early April with great success.


GrillGrate is proud to be a sponsor of the Steak Cookoff Association and recently introduced the GrillGrate Steak Challenge.
GrillGrate is adding to the prize purse paying $500 to the top placing GrillGrate finisher in designated SCA contests in 2015.
Last weekend was leg #2 of the GrillGrate Steak Challenge. The winner was Cougar Pit of Magnolia, Arkansas.  Dave Nelson and Robert Baxley are no strangers to Steak Cook-offs. For the past 5 years Dave Nelson has run the World Championship Steak Cookoff® in Magnolia, Arkansas. Along the way he decided it was more fun to participate. Now he and Robert compete most every weekend in the spring and summer.

Think you can grill a great steak? Join the SCA and find out what all the fun and excitement is about!GrillBondAwardDN1-222
Learn more about grilling the perfect steak and steak cook-offs:

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A Near Perfect Day at the World Championship Steak Cookoff® in Magnolia Arkansas


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