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Boy Did We Miss a Grate Weekend in Magnolia Arkansas!

2015 winners
2015 World Champion Joe Stump won $5500!

This past Saturday, 87 teams competed in the annual World Championship Steak Cook Off and we weren’t there! We were in Chicago exhibiting at the National Restaurant Show to Chefs all over the world. That’s the good news. The bad part is we missed traveling to Magnolia this year to be part of the event. Last year I vowed we would attend every year, never make promises you cant keep.

Joe Stump of Smoke House Rats, the 2014 World Champion, became only the 2nd person in 26 years to Joe Stump on PKrepeat as champion. It gets better. His partner, Dustin Sanders placed 2nd. Since last year’s win, Joe and Dustin have been on a roll, easily the top money winners in steak competitions. Yes, you read that right, competition steak cooking has hit the big time. The Steak Cook off Association is now in its 2nd season with cook-offs popping up all over the US, Canada, and even Europe!
The organizers in Magnolia have the formula down to an art form, including feeding over 3,000 people who pay for a sit down steak dinner on the town’s square. After the teams submit their entries for the competition, they are given steaks to grill for the public who choose which team to get their steak.
The formula for a championship steak is an art form too! With a lot of practice and observation, I’ve boiled down the formula into three parts:

pk collage
PK Grill with GrillGrates


Grate Tools + Great Technique + Great Meat

GrillGrate used on Weber Kettles has become synonymous with championship steaks, but this year a new grill emerged from the past. It’s called the PK Grill. Born in 1952 (same year as Weber) and recently re-introduced to resounding success. In fact, 3 of the top 5 finishers grilled on PK Grills outfitted with GrillGrates.
marblingSteak grilling techniques could fill a book, but one thing is a given; buy the best piece of meat you can find. Shane Vaughn of Snake River Farms says marbling is key. Marbling are the small rivulets of fat that run throughout a steak and are what give it it’s buttery texture and outstanding flavor. M ore marbling equals a better steak!


Next year I am again vowing not to miss the World Championship Steak Cook-off in Magnolia Arkansas. We’d love to see what we missed!  Got any pictures or video to share?


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