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Stress Free Holiday Grilling, Don’t Miss Your Own Party!

The 4th of July is the biggest grilling day of the year. It seems that all Americans are hosting or attending a cookout for this All-American holiday. Many of us will be grilling for a crowd.
Here’s a game plan for stress-free cookout, hit the freezer section of your local supermarket! Freezer to grill is fast, simple and delicious!
  1. Grab a box of Bubba Burgers. Bubba burgers are packed with flavor and the pre-made patties go frozen to the grill.
  2. Hit the freezer section for some great grilled appetizers. Cheese sticks, pot stickers, egg rolls, ravioli, pierogies, etc. Also frozen to the grill, as soon as you pull the first plate of appetizers off the grill the party will surround you!
  3. Grill and chill with your guests without the stress. 
Bubbas in Smoke
Bubba Burgers are grate for high volume grilling and pack a lot of juicy flavor
How about 2000 Cheeseburgers in Paradise?  Each year that what happens at the Cheeseburger in Paradise Event held in the Abacos (out islands of the Bahamas).
Of  course they are grilled on GrillGrates.  Frozen to the grill is really terrific!  So to with frozen appetizers!  We made this video to show how easy grate frozen appetizers can be!
Grill Appetizers straight from the frozen food section to your grill!


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