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Leaping into the Future of Grilling!


StarDate 239302.29*

GrillGrate today introduces a giant leap for grilling by bringing the patented GrillGrate system indoors to the stove top griddle and the oven.

Today is a great day for high rise and apartment dwellers, and all indoor cooks. Anyone without an outdoor grill can now bring the grill inside and grill in their oven with OvenGrate or on their griddle or flat-top with GriddleGrate.

The leap year is often viewed as a transformation gateway to a bigger, bolder and better future. Bigger than just one day, it’s that one extra day that only happens every 4 years. Every 4 years we have the opportunity take a leap metaphorically speaking. Heaven knows we all could use a little leap this spring. Well, at GrillGrate, we are leaping!


These 2 new products are derived from GrillGrate’s award winning raised rail design for outdoor grills. GrillGrates have won acclaim from backyard grillers and professional chefs as an improved grill surface that delivers better results. Now those results can be achieved by indoor cooks in their kitchen.GG-DripologyFrame

Built of highly conductive structural grade aluminum, GrillGrates are first hard anodized for superior hardness and then coated with a durable PFOA non-stick coating. The raised rail design delivers the essence of grilled flavor; high heat searing coupled with vaporizing juices. The wide rails sear while the valleys trap and sizzle juices under the food to produce that distinct grilled flavor.

GrillGrate, Eat Well! Inside!

P.S. I’m already looking forward to the next leap year! Maybe we’ll announce our own chef/spokesperson, cookbook, and TV show. Look out Rachael Ray!

*Star Date is calculated by adding 377 to the current year followed by the month and date.


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