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I’ve Got a BBQ GLOW after the National Barbecue Association’s Annual Conference!

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I’ve Got a BBQ Glow after the National Barbecue Association Annual Conference.

Each year the NBBQA conference is like getting an annual booster shot of love and enthusiasm! This year’s conference was the best yet- a real BBQ revival, big tent and all.NBBQA

Steven Raichlen’s keynote had everyone in the room proud to call barbecue (and grilling) their passion and their business. Barbecue is as old as religion and a foundation of mankind as Steven so aptly put it.

Downtown Jacksonville was a terrific venue with the skyline as the backdrop for our annual gathering.  Someone asked if this was a green screen!GrillGrate with PK at NBBQA

On Saturday, the public was invited and treated to a BBQ bash with terrific food cooked by BBQ superstars, headliners and legends. The $20 ticket was well worth the price of admission. No one left hungry with all the amazing sampling from these champions. It looked like a Barnes & Noble book signing with the likes of Mike and Amy Mills, Chris Lily, Myron Mixon, Tuffy Stone and dozens more signing books, sharing tips, and posing for pictures.

NBBQA bash 2016 Jacksonville landing

Friday night was the 3rd annual celebrity steak cookoff where steak champions are pitted against low and slow champions. The low and slow crowd continues to hold their own with Jimmy Shotwell of Memphis Barbeque Supply winning the event.

craig kimmel

Johnny Joseph SCA winner

After the steaks were turned in, the Japanese BBQ Society brought out a beautiful piece of Wagyu that sells for $140 a pound. (that is not a typo).

Wagyu from Japanese BBQ Society

Everyone gathered around to watch and taste the magic.

With Meathead and Ray LampeIt was a thrill to enjoy that moment with Meathead and Ray Lampe aka Dr. Barbecue. I think it was the first time I saw Meathead speechless!

SCA Winners

On Saturday during the BBQ Bash the Steak Cook-off Association hosted a contest with $2000 paid for top winning steak. Johnny Joseph, probably the most consistent winner in the world of steak cookoffs won the day.  He won a cool the trophy and the honor of buying drinks for all his competitor friends! Bobby Stewart placed 2nd, and Junior Urias was third.  GrillGrate was a winner too with an Award of Excellence for our new GriddleGrate that converts any flat top or griddle into a grill!

I left the NBBQA conference as I always do- energized and grateful to be part of this amazing community. This conference is every bit a family reunion combined with self-help workshops and lots and lots of outdoor cooking!  A celebration of all things barbecue and grilling with some of the greatest people in the business!

chris on fox newswith steven












to all the grills i've loved beforerepresenting bryan junior johnny











I’m already looking forward to next year’s conference which will be held at the Fort Worth Stockyards. If you are in the business of barbecue, restaurant, cater, compete, or a backyard enthusiast- this conference is for you. #IAMBBQ #grillgrates #grillgrateful #sca #nbbqa

Major kudos to Linda Orrison aka Mama Shed who tirelessly worked her magic to corral a great group to put on the event.

AOE 2016

GriddleGrate 2016 Award Of Excellence #grillgrateful

Linda Orrison of The SHED


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