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Meet Clint Barrow- A Grate Griller

Stardate 239204.23

Clint Barrow at FROGS CantinaMeet Clint Barrow owner of F.R.O.G.S. Cantina in Midtown Atlanta. Clint has transplanted to Atlanta from South Africa and is a rabid griller.

I was introduced to Clint by Beverly Baribault an interior designer friend who re-designed his kitchen which included a beautiful Wolf stove. Bev introduced Clint to GrillGrates and got him a set for his Weber Genesis gas grill.

Wolf Stove with Flat TopWhen I heard about his Wolf stove which had a big flat top in the center I was excited to get Clint our new GriddleGrate residential indoor product for him to test and compare.

Clint’s enthusiasm and outgoing personality encouraged me to invite myself to his home to cook on his Wolf and take pictures. We filmed a video for GriddleGrate in his kitchen and had so much fun that Susan and I realized we needed to have Clint in front of the camera too.

GriddleGrate on Wolf Stove TopBrad & Clint Lounging

We recently completed a 2 day photo shoot at Clint’s home and at his restaurant too. Clint uses GrillGrates in his restaurant as well as at home. Indoor, Outdoor and Professional that is the world of grilling for Clint Barrow and now for GrillGrates.

You’ll be seeing a lot of Clint this spring as we roll out video recipes, tips and have fun hanging together in the GrillGrate lounge.


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