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GrillGrate To Celebrate 10 years Of Business In A Grand Style!

#GrillGrateful October 10th 2016

We’re in the final 2 weeks of our 10 weeks of giveaways to celebrate GrillGrate’s 10 years in business. As our 10 year anniversary loomed my first thought was to throw a party, then it turned into an event in the Bahamas with Meathead as the star guest! Then we decided give away a trip to the party for a lucky couple, and only then did the 10 weeks of giveaways come into the picture. Its amazing how these things can mushroom- but hey you only turn 10 once!

Celebrating 10 years is milestone to be sure, and it allows us to celebrate the 3 key parts of our success.

  1. Customers
  2. Our grate people
  3. Friends we’ve made along the way

The weekly contest features one great company and product each week and the prizes just keeping getting better.I am very thankful for the terrific companies who have joined our celebration many of them are also sponsoring the event in the Bahamas.

BakerStone PK Grills Snake River Farms Pit Barrel Cooker Yodeer Smokers BioLite Stoves Chef Steps Victorinox Pelican Rec Tec


We’re only a couple of weeks from the grand prize winner who will join us for Meathead in Paradise! The 4 day event (Feb 23-26 2017) is nearly sold out! The event will be hosted by the Green Turtle Club & Marina located on Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos- the out islands of the Bahamas. The Green Turtle Club is sold out for rooms and there are only a handful of rooms left
at the Bluff House- an adjacent resort. Book now
Grand prize banner

The event will be an intimate time with Meathead, his team and the GrillGrate gang. We’ll grill 5 meals and have a lot of play time! A very special thank you to Meathead and his gang for joining us to bring this event to life. I can’t wait to grill with Meathead! We’re going to be grilling pizzas on the beach, hamburgers on a deserted island, and steaks and local seafood at the Green Turtle Club.


2017 marks our 10th season on the market and I can’t be more proud of our team, our company and our grrrrrrate customers.

My wife Susan has endured much to help me chase my dream. She gives me purpose, joy, and unfiltered feedback!

Grateful is the operative word!


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