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A Record Breaking $15,000 Steak Was Grilled At Billy Bob’s

The 2016 Steak Cook-Off Association International Steak Championship is in the books.  95 teams filled the pavilion outside Billy Bob’s with smoke and the fabulous smell of grilled steak. The Steak Cook-off Association (SCA) in it’s 3rd year hit a high note in Fort Worth.  With sponsors like KingsfordPelican CoolersPK Grills and Omaha Steaks stepping in, the prize money for the winning steak hit a record $15,000!


Friday night the SCA hosted a dinner followed by the introduction of the teams and the winners of the Pelican Point Chase were announced.   It was great to see all the winners wheeling out their Pelican Coolers!


The legend himself Mr. Johnny Joseph won his third ring as the winner of the 2016 Pelican Points chase; determined by how teams finished in SCA events around the U.S.   Johnny told us he’s going to slow down on the number of contests he enters- but I doubt it.  Johnny Joseph also raised over $5000 for a young man fighting cancer by raffling off a PK Grill with a custom stand and GrillGrates.   Johnny and his family epitomize the dignity and family environment that make the SCA so special.  We heard it all weekend- the SCA is family.  Here are some more family pictures!


Shawna Roppolo runner up in the Pelican Points Chase starring Johnny Joseph’s grand daughter Emma Jo with Brett and Ken of the SCA.


Michael and I with Jo Jo Torres, another SCA hero.   Jo Jo hosts the rib-eye radio and podcast and is an exuberant spirit and outstanding promoter of SCA!


New to the SCA family is Todd- Sr. VP of Omaha Steaks with Ken “The Mayor” Phillips.  Todd, like everyone loves the GrateTool!  We are all grateful that Omahas Steaks chose to sponsor the SCA!


Janet Baker who won newcomer of the of the year award made up some grrrrrate tee shirts.  We’re rooting for Janet at the World Food Championships next week in Orange Beach, AL.  Janet and several other steak cookers also earned entries into the WFC.   Steak & Food Competitions are becoming the new Nascar!


Speaking of Nascar… Junior Urias team jersey sported his superb logo along with many other sponsors such as Myron Mixon Smokers and GrillGrate too!

Dripping Springs PromotionSpeaking of grrrrate branding.  SCA sponsor Dripping Springs Vodka pulled it all together with this promotion for their liquor stores.   World Champion Steak promotion featuring PK Grills, GrillGrates and the SCA.   Thanks Dripping Springs!


The scene outside Billy Bob’s was one great griller after the next.  I only remember this fellow’s nickname… Milk Shake!  He seared his steaks first and then slow roasted them on a Chargriller Acorn Kamado.


Jimmy Shotwell of Memphis BBQ Supply was a one man team so Michael enjoyed jumping in and assisting at crunch time!  Jimmy is showing off our new scraper and detailing tool.


Drum roll please!  This is what a $15,000 steak looks like!  Omaha Steaks provided the steaks and everyone was really pleased with their quality and consistency.  One of the great things about steak cook-offs is the level playing field.  No one can bring their own meats like KCBS contests!


The President of Omaha Steaks and Ken congratulate Pancho & Lefty Steaks for their first place steak!   These fellows grilled the winning steak on a PK Grill and GrillGrates- of course!

pancho-lefty1A big check, a great ring and a beer!  Congratulations on besting 94 other champion steak cookers!


Join the fun in the Steak Cook-off Association.  There are cook-offs popping up around the U.S. and Europe and soon Australia.  Bring a sanctioned Steak Cook-off to your town or event too!  The SCA needs judges as well!   Congratulations to Brett Galloway and Ken Phillips for all they have accomplished with the SCA!  We can’t wait to see what 2017 holds!

GrillGrate, Eat Well!  and WIN!

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