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26th Annual National Barbecue and Grilling Association Annual Conference a Smashing Success

Building on a strong meeting last year, this year’s NBBQA conference exceeded already high expectations from those of us witnessing the recent metamorphosis of NBBQA.  As a sponsor I can say that GrillGrate got its money’s worth and more!  More importantly we got our batteries recharged with a big dose of BBQ love!

NBBQA had a strong roster of sponsors this year and I expect an even more impressive group going forward.  Thank you to all of our sponsors and especially the Gold sponsors without whom this show would not have happened.


Where else but the NBBQA can you:

  • Sit with Tuffy Stone for 20 minutes.
  • Get bear hugs from Moe Cason and Diva Q.
  • Hang with Dave Raymond- aka Sweet Baby Ray.
  • Wander from fire pit to fire pit enjoying amazing food.
  • Get to sit with Meathead planning next year’s event.
  • Plug into tribal knowledge and share stories and tips with the tribe.


Outgoing NBBQA President, Linda Orrison (aka Mama Shed) deserves a ton of credit for propelling NBBQA  through an amazing transition.  As a new board member I’m energized by the opportunity for NBBQA to broaden its membership and value and to increase industry participation. NBBQA’s mission is to fan the flames of community building, family values, and connections that barbecue and grilling instill.


Don’t Miss Next Year!

River Ranch was such a superb venue and we are likely to return in 2018.  A tip of the cowboy hat to Ken Phillips, co-founder of the Steak Cook-off Association, who brought us to River Ranch and helped manage a mountain of logistics.  River Ranch could not be better designed or equipped for a barbecue and grilling convention.  I have a feeling we’ll have 3X the exhibitors and demos and double the attendance.   As a group we are all excited by the progress NBBQA has made.  The future of our industry and association is bright.




Why Join The NBBQA?   Build relationships, friendships and partnerships.  People in the business of barbecue and grilling learn from each other, demonstrate and cook their way into each other’s hearts and minds.  The professional members hone their skills, share their knowledge, and connect with suppliers and one another.  Those breaking into the business, the NBBQA is a must as is attending the conference.  And we want the rabid enthusiasts who are eager to learn and do more with fire and smoke.  You are the local carriers of the bbq torch.


Want to Bring Your Community Together?  Hold a Barbecue!

BBQ (and grilling) bring out a sense of community for all who participate and attend.  Having a  barbecue or cookout brings people together. Whether it’s a company picnic, in the backyard with friends, or an event around the town square.

Yes BBQ can make America and the World Great Again! 


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