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Remembering Dad at Father’s Day

As a Father and a son, every Father’s Day seems to get more special.  Since my Dad passed away 3 years ago, my memories of Dad grilling and me assisting seem more vidid.  I also get to make new Father’s Day memories with my children who also grew up with their Dad grilling all the time.  Father’s Day for many of us is about grilling and chilling with Dad.

Aside from fishing, grilling with my Dad is at the top of my list of favorite things we did together.  I was his gopher in the yard, and whatever projects were on his plate were on mine too!  But our time at the grill- that was grilling and chilling time.  My other job was to keep fresh ice cubes in my Dad’s scotch.  I was the runner between inside and outside.

His signature dish was London broil marinated overnight in sweet Catalina dressing,  I remember carrying that big pyrex dish holding a huge chunk of meat slathered in sweet sauce.   Boy did that sauce burn- but Dad was ready.  Dad was in the syringe business and he had this huge veterinarian syringe that he used to attack flareups.  He was a master- just enough squirt to put out the flame but not soak the briquette.   London Broil became my signature dish too- and sooner than I thought.

Dad gave me his Weber Kettle my junior year of college when I moved off campus.  He just purchased a new gas grill from Suburban Propane so the Weber went to live with me at University of Delaware.  It quickly became my date night machine.   Stuffed cornish game hens was my specialty.  I grilled for my bride to be many times over the next 2 years- that was nearly 40 years ago.  So grilling with Dad has come full circle.  Grilling for my adult children is one of the great pleasures in my life.  Thanks Dad!

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