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Event Grills are Transformed with GrillGrates

GrillGrates and Event Grills are Peas and Carrots and Great Steaks, Chicken, Hamburgers…

Event grills are just bigger versions of the gas and charcoal grills we see in the backyard and they have bigger problems! Most of them do not have lids to control heat and flare-ups and they are plagued with hot spots and cold spots that are so far apart people treat them as separate cooking zones. Flare-ups can be monumental on event grills- think 80/20 hamburgers or a grill full of chicken thighs! Constantly moving the food and having safe zones to move food to is the norm.

Enter GrillGrates and those problems simply disappear. Heat is equalized (not completely but a lot). Flare-ups are tamed so caterers can fill the grill and be much more productive as well as producing food that is equally cooked- perfectly seared but not scorched.

GrillGrates trap a lot of the heat that normally dissipates in the air so they make event grills much more efficient with significantly less gas used. GrillGrates run hotter so the savings are greater when the grill isn’t blazing on high to keep up.

GrillGrates don’t just tame the grill they amp up the flavor too. The rails sear and the valleys sizzle juices just below the food for added flavor. Drippings are not fire starters with GrillGrates and marinades and sauces can be used aggressively. As well as GrillGrates sear a steak on high they also product outstanding BBQ chicken on low with plenty of sauce!

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