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Is Griddling The Next Big Thing in Grilling?

America’s love affair with grilling continues to evolve and become more sophisticated. Trends such as grilling the entire meal, grilled breakfast, grilled desserts are now mainstream. Taking the you can grill just about anything to another level. In comes the Grate Griddle. Flat top grilling a la plancha. It is getting more use on our grill these days. For the past few years it served primarily for grilling bacon and as a breakfast tool on weekend mornings. Now we’re using the GrateGriddle once a week for dinner. What changed? We’ve been griddling our way through the meat counter at our local supermarket. They offer a variety of ready -to- cook entrees: stuffed chicken breasts, pork, beef, and salmon pinwheels. The package directions call out baking in the oven. We took them out to the grill and griddled them instead. Who knew! Thanks Publix for changing up our grilling game! If you can’t grill it, you can griddle it!



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