The Changing World of Meat – Part 1

Are We In the Post-Industrial Age of Meat?

We’ve been buying beef the same way for years. And for the most part, that beef has been farmed and distributed the same way for years. As a multi-billion-dollar operation, we could easily say that the system is working just fine as it is. But there are disruptors in the industry who are re-thinking the way we farm beef, distribute beef and even how we define what beef is.

The craft meat movement certainly has our attention (and our taste buds) these days. Companies like Crowd Cow are at the forefront of food transparency, which is all about the importance of knowing where and how your meat was raised.


The Bruce Family of Western Plains Farm pride themselves on smart animal welfare and careful land stewardship.

Started by two tech startup veterans in Seattle, Crowd Cow prides themselves on knowing the ranches where their beef comes from; down to walking the farms with the farmers and even tasting the meat.

Consumers can use the website to either shop by farm or shop by the type of meat. All the farms that sell on have their stories featured complete with pictures that make the whole process feel more like connecting with friends than perusing a cold meat counter at the grocery store.


Crowd Cow’s mission is prominently displayed on their homepage:

We give you direct access into where and how your meat was raised ― because when it’s raised right, it tastes better than anything you’ve ever had.

And the team here at GrillGrate can attest to that. We’ve ordered several types of meat and a variety of  cuts and every piece is out of this world.

Pictured Above: Japanese Wagyu we sampled a while back. It came with coarse ground sea salt which was honestly the only thing it needed for seasoning. The meat was the tenderest, juiciest thing any of us have ever tried. The finished product melted in your mouth and had us all talking about it for days.

Read more about the changing world of meat in Part 2 of our blog, where we talk about the meat-alternative movement.

GrillGrate. Eat Well.

– Meagan