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Holiday Grilling

Take the Stress Out of Holiday Entertaining by Integrating Your Grills Into Your Holiday Meal Planning

If you’ve got a crowd coming to your house for the holidays- that means more than one big meal- it’s likely means several big meals for breakfast lunch and dinner.   Bring your grills and your grillers to the rescue to take the stress down and put more fun into your holiday meals.


  • Delegate! You likely have a griller or two among your guests- enlist them to be in charge of the outdoor kitchen.   Hint- what do you call people offering to help in the kitchen?  In the way!  Send them outside to the grills where they can truly help.
  • Decorate! Don’t just decorate the tree- decorate your outdoor grilling area. Set the stage with lights and seating among the grills.   Many of us have a ‘winter set’ and a summer set for grilling.  Set the stage for your outdoor grill areas to deliver great meals and great times.
  • Prep, Prep Prep! Preparation and pre-cooking also reduce the stress of feeding a crowd and allow for spontaneous breakfasts and lunches to just happen because you were prepared and have your grills and grillers at your command.
  • Think Breakfast, Lunch and Desserts on the Grill! Don’t just reserve the grill for the big meal on Christmas.  With family and friends around for days,  breakfast and lunch at the grill keeps the kitchen from being a short-order shop all day long!


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  1. James McIntyre

    Think Christmas Beef Rib Roast . . . Rub a 3- 4 lb. Beef Rib Roast with Montreal Steak Seasoning and Garlic Powder . Place it in a Zip Lock bag & place in the Refrigerator for 24 hours . Remove from Refrigerator and Rub again with Montreal seasoning and let come to room temperature …. then place Roast in a Roasting Pan and place in the center of a Pre- Heated 500* Oven and cook at 15 minutes per pound and – CUT OFF OVEN – DO NOT OPEN DOOR FOR 2 1/2 Hours ( NO Peaking ) . . . Remove Roast from oven and Let rest for 20-30 minutes . Cut into 1 inch slices and QUICKLY Mark each side on a Very Hot GRILL GREAT GRILL . . . Plate the Rib Roast and serve with HOT Au Jus Sauce around beef – ENJOY – Merry Christmas ! If you want some Extra Flavor place a handful or two of Hickory or Applewood smoking pellets on your Grill Grate grill before Marking your beef !
    Merry Christmas ! – Enjoy . . .


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