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More people than ever are gathering at their grills. As we shift gears back to home, Spring is a time for unpacking the outdoor grill. Since so many of us are home-bound, more people than ever are joining the annual ritual of firing up their grills for making delicious food.

If your grill and your grilling game has gone cold in hibernation, here are some hot tips to get you taming the flames. Each day for the next 30 days we’ll feature a recipe, grate technique or grate griller to inspire your inner grillmaster.

Play It Safe

Play it safe

Looks like this gasser was a little too close to the house!

Especially with gas grills, check and clear the grease trap since it’s a common source of grill fires. Check that gas lines and burners are clear and burning properly. Remove cooking grates and flame tents and light the grill to observe burner tubes. A light brushing can unclog burners easily.

Clean It Up

Clean in up

Brad recently did some “spring cleaning” of his own and came across quite a few items.

After you’ve cleaned the garage and basement, get that grill sparkling and ready to do some heavy lifting. For pellet and charcoal grills you’ll want to clean out the dust and debris that’s settled in the bottom (a shop vac is perfect for that), and then add fresh fuel. For gas grills, there’s a little more work involved. Check out our blog here about the ins and outs of getting that gasser ready for summer.

Obsessive grillers likely have a tool pile that could use weeding and sorting out. Who knows what you will find? And if you get to the bottom of the pile and need to freshen up your stash, GrillGrate has the latest and greatest here.

Also check out our video about deep cleaning GrillGrates.

About Those Grates…

Chipped and rusted grates on a gas grill.

This old grill has new life with a brand new set of GrillGates!

Replace those old rusty cooking grates with GrillGrates. Nothing will improve the grill performance and food quality than adding a set of GrillGrates to your grill. Take your grill to another level.

Treat Your Family To Grate Food
As we stay home, cooking together is good for the whole family. Grill out and make your kitchen home central for trying new recipes, upping your grilling techniques, and enjoying delicious food and stories around the table.

Binge Watch Malcom
Not the Netflix Malcom, Malcom Reed’s YouTube Channel How To BBQ Right. Get tips on how to up your grilling game, and challenge yourself to become a grill master.

Grill Veggies For Best Health

Don’t go back to work 15 pounds heavier. Grilled vegetables will keep you healthy and play an important role in immune function. Learn more about Healthy Grilling.

Engage The Kids In The Grilling Lifestyle

Now that kids understand why they need to wash their hands, include them in meal prep and grilling duty.

Please Take Out
If you are not grilling in, please get take out from your local restaurants. GrillGrate is donating 5% of sales to local restaurants that we frequent.

We hope you’re staying home and staying healthy! 

– The GrillGrate Team


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