Precision Searing with GrillGrates

GrillGrates offer grillers many options on how to dial in that perfect sear.   Rails up offer steak house sear marks (we call them flavor bars) while the flat-side up offers an overall sear for maximum crust and flavor. Over the past dozen years, we’ve learned from our customers and chef friends how to use both sides of GrillGrates to improve our searing technique.

Putting the Sear in the Reverse Sear Technique:

The reverse sear is a popular method for grilling larger, thicker cuts of meat that involves 2 steps.  Step one is a low roast over indirect heat; literally slow roasting to near finish temps.  Step two is a hot sear to develop that grilled flavor from the Maillard reaction of sugars and amino acids at high heat.

Use the flat side of GrillGrates at high temp (550-650) to flash sear all sides of the rack of lamb.

Rack of Lamb is one of our favorite recipes when we entertain and an ideal candidate for the reverse sear technique.   It is succulent by itself when grilled rare to medium rare, but when the meaty exterior is quickly seared to finish the cook, the end result is a flavorful crust that permeates each bite.

For maximum seared flavor remove as much fat and silver skin from the meaty part of the rack of lamb.

Pro-Tip: Stand up the rack of lamb by holding with the GrateTool to sear the rounded side of the meat.

Hot & Fast Searing on the Grill:

Hot and fast grilling with GrillGrates delivers tender, evenly cooked food with restaurant worthy sear marks.  Heat is quickly and efficiently transferred to the food up the cooking rails like electricity runs on a wire.  Easily control the intensity of the sear marks from golden brown to black and crispy if you like a bite of char.  This method lends itself to most grilled foods:  burgers, steaks, chops, fish, chicken, and vegetables.  High heat grilling is what truly delivers that distinct grilled flavor.

Browning, sear marks, and drippings all contribute to the flavor of a fabulous grilled meal. 

Dialing in That Perfect Sear with GrillGrates:

Sometimes we use both sides of GrillGrates on the same cook.  Grill on the rails for most of the cook and finish on the flat side.   Even 30 seconds on the flat side is a simple way to ramp up the Maillard reaction and overall sear. Read more about sear marks – it’s a matter of taste and style!

These stuffed burgers grilled hot and fast on the raised rails allow the drippings to do their magic adding flavor and moisture.  Finishing on the flat side adds a bit more crust and crunch.

Precision searing is what makes grilling so flavorful. With GrillGrates your options and control are unparalleled.