Recent GrillGrate Reviews

In the last few weeks we’ve been lucky enough to find ourselves the subject of some awesome reviews from some well known publications. We’re flattered to say the least, and we wanted to share the love with all of you.

“Thumbs Up” from Malu in the Kitchen

“What is great about these grates, besides the excellent sear marks they provide, is that you can flip them over and use the flat side as a flat griddle for searing burgers!”

“Upgrade a Gas Grill” from Wired Magazine

“Replace your existing grill grates, and say hello to beautiful grill marks and goodbye to uneven heat on your gas grill. They can soup up a subpar grill.”

“Better Than Replacement Grates” from Lazy-Q Life

We think GrillGrates are fantastic and worth the money! We’ve been using them for a couple of years. They really improved our results.”

On the “Everything You Need to Sear Up a Perfect Steak” list by CNN Underscored.

“GrillGrates are amazing for searing,” Lokay says. “They increase the grill’s surface temperature, they create a more consistent temperature across the surface and they deliver superior sear marks to your steak that will make your friends jealous!” 



And we’ve saved the best for last…

The GrillGrate: An Upgrade Almost Every Gas Grill Needs from Serious Eats Magazine

“And now I can finally tell you what I’ve told pretty much every single gas-grill owner I’ve talked to since I ran my tests: If you really want to turn your grill into a beast, you need to get a GrillGrate. (Yes, I sound like a shill. No, this is not an ad—I really am this enthusiastic about it.)” – Daniel Gritzer

We don’t know Daniel personally, but we couldn’t agree more. Thank you to him and all the other reviewers who took the time to try our product and give their honest review.

GrillGrate. Eat Well. Stay Healthy.



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