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Never Cook Bacon in Your Oven Again!

Day 2: Keto Diet Challenge at GrillGrate 



We are off to a tasty start for our Keto Diet Month here at GrillGrate. Most of our staff has signed on and weighed in for the Keto diet challenge for the month of March, including Susan and myself. It was a tough sell for me, but know I need to do itI’ve got the Covid 20 pounds and then some. My biggest challenge is giving up beer and limiting my scotch intake! You bet I’ll be exploring White Claw and other adult beverages this month for sure. That is a blog post for another day! 

Today we’re grilling bacon, lots of baconWe rolled out 3 grills this morning, a pellet grill, gas grill, and a charcoal kettle. We flipped all the GrillGrates to the flat side which is the absolute best way to grill bacon in my opinionThe GrillGrate Griddle works well too, but the holes in the GrillGrates allow a bit of grease to run off and a bit of flareup on the gasser, and nice smoke on the pellet grillWe bought a bunch of thick-cut Smithfield bacon and a big box of eggs and got down to grilling breakfastWe grilled multiple rounds of bacon on each grill except the KettleI quickly learned that direct grilling bacon on a charcoal grill is a lot harder to control than a gas grill or pellet grillNot sure what I was thinking thereNext time, I’ll set up indirect grilling on the KettleAnd there will be a next time! 

Grilling Bacon

Place the GrillGrate Griddle on top of your GrillGrates for fried eggs on the fly.

We added the GrillGrate griddle to the gas grill and grilled up the eggs over easyWe even had a two with double yolks- a good sign for our Keto Month here at GrillGrate. 


Get the tools we used:

The Combo Tongs are Ideal for Bacon.

The GrillGrate Griddle Makes GRATE Eggs.

The Scraper is a Must-Have for the Flat Side.















Learn more about Grilling Bacon on GrillGrates in this blog post.


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