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GrillGrate Everywhere!

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There are thousands of parks throughout the country with park grills just begging you to grill grate BUT they are disgusting! GrillGrates are cleaner, safer, and offer more control over flare-ups and uneven heat. Perfect for park grills! They even cool off quickly when the meal is done. Pack them up in our handy carry bag and you are ready for your next adventure. 

No Grill? No problem! Learn how to build your own camp grill from scratch.

How surprised would you be to learn you can still grill like a champ WITHOUT the grill? Turns out grilling without a grill is easier than most people would think. All you need is some wood, a set of GrillGrates, the GrateTool, and a lighter. Learn more about this technique!

Fire Building Methods from Bush Cooking

Bush Cooking has shown us that there are numerous ways you can build a fire perfect for grilling. Check out these and more!

Recipes You Need to Try!

With your GrillGrates you will be able to grill anything, anywhere. Check out these recipes from Bush Cooking for some ideas of what to grill on your next outdoor adventure!


We would love to see photos of you grilling grate everywhere! Share them with us @grillgrate on social.

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Celebrate Independence Day at the Grill!

The 4th of July weekend is the busiest weekend of the year for outdoor grilling. Hopefully you are either hosting a cook out or attending one! Grilling on the 4th of July is about grilling for a crowd, family gatherings, block parties, or grilling and chilling in the park.We're already planning our menus! To help you [...]

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Remembering Dad at Father's Day

As a Father and a son, every Father's Day seems to get more special.  Since my Dad passed away 3 years ago, my memories of Dad grilling and me assisting seem more vivid.  I also get to make new Father's Day memories with my children who also grew up with their Dad grilling all the [...]

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Grilling Great Steaks- HOT & FAST

Hot and fast is the traditional, tried and true method for grilling the perfect steak. When it comes to grilling the perfect hot and fast steak, charcoal rules over gas in the backyard. The opposite is true in the commercial steak house world, most use gas fired chargrillers. The common ingredient is high heat. With [...]

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26th Annual National Barbecue and Grilling Association Annual Conference a Smashing Success

Building on a strong meeting last year, this year's NBBQA conference exceeded already high expectations from those of us witnessing the recent metamorphosis of NBBQA.  As a sponsor I can say that GrillGrate got its money's worth and more!  More importantly we got our batteries recharged with a big dose of BBQ love! NBBQA had a [...]

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GrillGrate 10 Year Anniversary Event 2017

We've got an Abaco Glow after the GrillGrate 10 Year Anniversary Party in the Bahamas. It's officially in the books. The GrillGrate celebration featuring Meathead in Paradise was a huge success. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting such a great group of people.  There are too many people to thank who helped us put on (or better yet [...]

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Super Bowl Sunday - Game Day Grilling

For me game time grilling is out of the question and halftime is too!  Nobody wants to be at the grill unless a TV is nearby.  Pre-game grilling is the plan for this big game day. An evening kickoff makes an afternoon appetizer party a great way to nosh, nibble and pre-game before kick-off. Grilling appetizers is fun, fast, and [...]

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Bacon! You Can Grill That

Grill bacon? Yes, you can! Bacon is standard American fare for breakfast. Everyone loves bacon, but cooking bacon can leave your house smelling like a diner all day. Cooking it on the stove top in a griddle or skillet is a greasy mess. Then there is the problem of how to dispose of all that grease. [...]

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Gift Guide For Grillers

Grate Holiday Gift Ideas for your Griller from GrillGrateBeing in the grilling industry is tough business! We get exposed to so many cool products it's hard to try them all. Our industry is especially innovative and much of the action is from entrepreneurial efforts. American ingenuity is the theme of this gift list for your [...]

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A Hot Hand at the World Food Championships!

The 2016 World Food Championship wrapped up after a week long food fight that saw over 300 contestants vie for a spot at the final table.   Competitors were in nine categories including: seafood, burger, bbq, chili, bacon, steak, sandwich, dessert and recipe.  Each category had 30-50 entrants and the top 10 in each category competed [...]

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